Ultrasonic finished clothing labels

Care and Content Labels or Brand Labels made from satin for clothing and other customized textile products
Ultrasonic cutted, label ends can be left free, DO NOT fall apart

Ultrasonic cut, or sonic cut, seals material in a similar way to hot cut but at a microscopic level. It uses finely-tuned vibrations that generate heat only at the cutting point. Doing so, it maintains the soft feel on the edge of the label and results in a higher-quality feeling product.

ultrasonic finished labels

Ultrasonic cutting and sealing of contours

  • The cutting quality obtained by using an ultrasonic cutting machine is much better compared to a laser.
    Ultrasonic cutting machines offer an extremely high level of precision and make it possible to better meet the various cutting constraints imposed in an industrial context.

    Polyester is considered to be the most suitable synthetic material to be subjected to ultrasound applications.
    In addition, ultrasound can generate strong and long-lasting cuts in synthetic elements such as Polyester (PES) and Nylon (PA)

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Precision ultrasonic finishing

  • An ultrasonic cutter is a specialized tool that uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to cut or shape various materials.
    This versatile and precise cutting device is perfect for textile label production applications.
    Its fundamental principle involves the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical vibrations, resulting in a clean and efficient cutting of the material.

    Ultrasonic cutting ensures a high level of precision in both simple and complex shapes and notches.
    It also allows the use of a single-layer cutting process directly from the roll or from fixed sheets of material, either with a conveyor or with a static table.

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precision ultrasonic cutting

We supply custom care and content labels / made from nylon or satin, for clothing brands and fashion houses.

Premium woven-edge weaves. In-plant printing or finished labels delivered printed and ready for sewing.

The labels are ideal for all types of clothing and custom clothing, such as coats, t-shirts, jackets, suits, dresses, sweaters, baby clothes, etc.