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We specialise in creating care labels for the Garment and Clothing industry and also for apparel or any textile product, ethical, sustainable and durable clothing care labels
Our standard soft satin is our most popular printed Garment Care Label. It has a nice soft feel to it, making it the perfect label to sew in to clothing as its delicate on the skin. This material can be easily sewn in to products.

Satin Wash care labels

Satin care labels

Printed satin care labels in 3 colors

Wash care labels

Satin brand labels

Brand labels printed on satin

TPU care labels

TPU care labels

Clear TPU clothing labels

Clothing care labels are indispensable elements of garment production as the brand identity, and product quality are directly exposed in these parcels
We design custom care labels for your clothing and fashion companies. Enhance garment longevity with our quality labels

Nylon care labels

Printed care labels

Care labels printed on nylon

nylon care labels printed face and back

Carelabels printed face and back

Carelabels printed on nylon

Satin brand labels

Satin Brand Labels

Brand Labels printed on satin

When you are designing and producing clothing, the positioning of the garment label is an important aspect of the production process

Our Garment care labels are designed to ensure that your customers give proper care to your garments. The International Textile Care Labelling Code is a system of labelling which has been designed to standardise instructions for care of textile articles

Printed Care Labels with Text & Laundry Symbols. Care Labels, also known as laundry labels, are small labels that are sewn into clothing
These labels provide instructions and washing symbols for washing, drying, ironing and other care instructions. In addition to washing instructions, manufacturers also include information about the material and country of origin of the product on the care labels.

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