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ETITECH specialised in the manufacture of printed garment labels, Care labels
Supplying Various printed fabric labels, brand name and other custom clothing labels, regarding the usage and composition of materials, mostly used in the textile industry but also in other fields such as aeronautics, automobiles, furniture, etc ..,

We are specialised in the manufacture of printed garment labels, Care labels

Custom Care Labels

Manufacturer of care labels

Manufacturer of custom care labels made from textile materials, customized with logo or brand name, washing signs and care instructions
Care labels, also known as laundry labels, are an industry standard when you're talking about labeling and branding. Whether you're making your own clothing
Our products are made of Satin, Polyamide (nylon), Polyester or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), in different basic colors, printed with different kinds of colors.
All products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The production is done with professional machines that allow finishing labels with ultrasonic cuttings

Care Labels

Ideal for Textile Industry Products

We make composition labels from satin, polyester, polyamide, TPU, cotton and cardboard according to your requirements. We provide a wide range of labels for clothes and technical products, as well as personalized labels by printing, such as: composition, maintenance, brand, hang tags with the company logo and detailed information about the product.

Brand labels

Personalized brand labels by printing on satin, or woven "damask" type

The notoriety of a brand is extended due to the use of textile labels, the advantages are many, the most important brand is easy to remember and recognizable.

Size labels

Size labels, for identifying a company's brand.

Supplier of size labels made of various textile materials, damask or satin, customized for clothes, shoes or clothing accessories.

Custom care labels for garment

A clothing label is more than a simple piece of material, it communicates with the client. It is something that draws the customer's attention to the garment. It describes what the product actually is. In today's times, labels actually help sell a garment. Customers decide whether to buy or not to buy a piece of clothing based on its label.

The labels tell the customer what types of materials were used to make the garment. It presents how to take care of the clothing and other special instructions about it. It shows the manufacturer's name, brand, style, etc..

Care Labels

manufacture of care labels

Maintenance and/or care instructions marked with symbols, name, brand or product size in the country-specific unit of measure.

Satin Care Labels

satin labels

Satin labels are chosen by many manufacturers to personalize products, they are suitable for clothing and clothing accessories

TPU Labels

TPU care labels

Each garment must be washed and cared for differently, according to the instructions on the label, and some symbols that aim to show you how to properly care for them.

We help you to create your own labels

We deal with a wide range of clients, from those who want thousands of labels for designer clothing items to those who want just a few to label their craft or handmade projects. Whether you are an individual designer or an established brand, we can help you with textile labels, brand labels, composition labels or labels for technical products and add that extra touch of individuality.

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The finishing of the labels is done by ultrasonic cutting

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Specialized in
Care Labels

Over the years, the rules and regulations for care and wash labels have changed and evolved. Therefore, it is important that your company also works with a team of experts in the fashion industry who not only have experience in the design and manufacture of care and wash labels, but also understand the requirements related to your legal obligations.

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Garment Labels

Garment Labels

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Care Labels

Care Labels

Care and/or wash instructions marked with symbols, Brand Names, or size of the product in the country-specific unit of measure...

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woven labels

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